Glosario gastronómico de la nueva España

Bienvenidos y buen provecho.

The social fabric of Spain is changing, its faces, its skin tones, its accents, and its despensas. Going to the market today does not look the same as it did 5 or 10 years ago.

Fruits, vegetables and canned products that had only been seen abroad, mostly in the lands of former Spanish colonies, have now traveled alongside its people into Spanish shelves. Because along with people always comes their culture, and along with culture always comes food.

This publication is a visual glossary featuring a selection of Latin American products which are slowly becoming more and more commonplace in local markets and in the daily lives of Spaniards.

In this photographic series made by Denisse Ariana Pérez, older Spaniards interact, at times for the first time in their lives, with some of these “contemporary,” recently-arrived products in a colorful play between the old and the new. It aims to celebrate the current diversity of Spain while introducing younger and older generations of Spaniards to a new lexicon from their former colonies/new neighbors.

With all that being said,

Bienvenidos y buen provecho.

An art direction project in colaboration with the photography master students.