What about it?

A lot has happened over the past year or so. After a pandemic hit the world by a storm, another group of designers decided to take up on the challenge of doing a Master’s program at graphic.elisava.

Coming in with their faces covered, adquiring some type of anonymity, they exposed themselves to a new adventure, as they embraced new beginnings while at the same time they started designing them.


Many thanks to this year’s students in the Graphic Design and the Editorial Design master’s degrees. The 2021 graphic.elisava Degree Show – both the platform and the campaign that precedes it – wouldn’t have been possible without the indefatigable work of a group of design students making time for it in the middle of their end-of-year presentations.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a powerful tool for communication. Putting out messages for the world to see can contribute to a society’s culture, and it can build a better and more conscious future. The role of the graphic designer will always be relevant and timeless.

Editorial Design

Editorial designers play an important role in the way information is presented to society. Publications have changed throughout the decades, and in a world that is becoming more and more digital, print publishing still finds a way to be relevant and coexist with the digital era.

Data & Design

The importance of data nowadays has become even more crucial than it was before. The way that society understands data has acquired a new meaning. That’s why visualizing information through the eyes of designers can help build a better understanding of the future to come.

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