Turning your veganity upside down!

A vegan gastronomic community that changes your view about veganism

Vegan companies always introduce veganism in a narrow way that makes us feel guilty about what we eat. People have many prejudices about vegans. That’s why we positioned undo as a vegan gastronomic community that wants to break people’s prejudice about veganism. The name “undo” is because customers will unlearn what they knew about vegan.

The logo shows the letter “n” from undo as an upside-down “u” which was inspired by the brand claim “turning your veganity upside down”. The logo suggested horizontal and vertical movements that we applied for some text. “Vegan is always green” is one of the main prejudices that undo wants to break, and that’s why we chose a colorful palette. We added a distorted typographic treatment as part of the identity elements. In other words, we changed your normal view of these typographies.

The website scrolls from bottom to top instead of top to bottom inspired by the brand claim as well. For the dining area, we used table projection to emphasize “altering your view” and also to give customers an unexpected dining experience. We named the brand’s zine “table of contents”, created it with a “z” folded poster format which once unfolded it became a long poster referencing undo’s long dining table.