Fighting the obsolescence of our mobile technology.

Usually you get a new phone after the average of 3 years. But Frank is a lifelong companion. This electronic shop is showing the true value inside their devices. By giving the customer the option to build their own phone, laptop or tablet they get to know the process and content inside it.

Frank offers already assembled devices to choose from and the possibility to always fix what is broken. All this leads to a longer lifespan of mobile electronics and a more sustainable way fo using them. Everyone can find a friend in Frank. It’s not for a tech or sustainable oriented target group only. The three services speak to a brighter audience.

By a color-coded system the customer knows which service is offered right now. The shapes and forms are a reference to the shops name Frank. It is short for Frankenstein which is parallel to assembling pieces together and giving them new life.

This is what Frank is about: Having a fun and colorful time with a gadget that won’t let you down.