Doble Cara

Analyze, compare and uncover the truth.

From the beginning of humanity, fake news has been one of the most common and damaging problems that have existed. When it comes to consuming fake news, we are opening a window of misinformation to the whole world, which may end up having repercussions on us and affecting any opinion, decision or doubt that arises.

It is for this reason that we came up with the idea of creating Doble Cara. A platform that shows or indicates those sources that are really journalistic and that investigate and show the truth. In addition, it also provides tools and information to be able to detect fake news and fight them effectively.

In this platform you’ll find an information capsule that will help you understand the origins of fake news, how they are created and the purpose of it.

A part from providing information you ‘ll also find a section to compare different newspapers so that you see their reliability.