Leyre Medina Yuste



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hey its ley!
A graphic designer born and raised in Barcelona.
I've always had that creative personality that eventualy got me into studying design. Elisava has been my "playground" where in the past 5 years i have been moving through Space Design, Graphic Design and Editorial Design; in which i mostly develop myself in.
Currently i'm buliding up my knowlegde while working at Firma; Branding and Innovation Agency. However beyond my design life... I think about myself as an out the box thinker, open minded and hard worker.
Moreover some of my passions are playing basketball and hiking moutains, among others... The combination of both worlds made me a social, cheerful, coworker and craving for experience person.
Soooo... if i am not in the study creating, you will surelly find me shooting in the basketball court ;)