La Pecera

On nature and anthropomorphism

Anthropomorphism is defined as the attribution of human form or qualities to what is not human. La pecera, through the discovery and subsequent story of a whale unable to communicate with the rest of its own species, carries out a compilation of seven essays, seven testimonies and a conversation from the early twentieth century. This book has the aim to make the reader reflect by their own on the idea of ​​projecting yourself into nature —and the beings that inhabit it— in order to connect with them.

The outside and inside aesthetic shows a dualism that goes from the use of two fonts, that differs by the period and form of the writings, to the main use of two colors, white and blue —that stains from the cover to the spine of the book.

The testimony sections inside the book, as well as the cover, were made using 47 cyanotypes, introduced by scanning and their subsequent inclusion inside as images.