How to Have Sex in an Epidemic

Second Approach

How to Have Sex in an Epidemic: One Approach presents the first instance in which the idea of “Safe Sex” was proposed to a generation of gay men in the aftermath of the sexual liberation of the 1970’s who refused to believe that the political act of gay sex was to blame for the strange disease that was quickly spreading and killing them. The booklet, originally self-published by Richard Berkowitz and Michael Callen in 1983, lays out, very graphically and specifically, the ways in which men can continue to live their sexual lives without the transferring of fluids (i.e. with condoms), which Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, their medical scientific consultant, believed to be the main cause of disease transmission —before the virus was even isolated.

On the 40 anniversary of the first reported cases of AIDS, How to Have Sex in an Epidemic: Second Approach proposes another booklet to be published in the year 2081, separating the two publications by 100 years. Containing information about the newest safe sex practices in a world that has been taken over by disease, the booklet also pretends to fight porn addiction by encouraging the public/audience/user interaction through social media, fully immersive VR, and/or prothesis play, all through AI. Written with a queer male audience in mind, the publication contains different devices printed in magenta (mostly futuristic glory holes), which can’t be activated in this day and age due to lack of technology.