Between Cortázar and Vogue

Conceived as an ode to the Cabinets of Curiosities, the magazine aims to emulate the wondrous spirit of these rooms, which were highly popularized in the XVI century in Europe. Cabinets of Curiosities were collections of notable objects that would now belong in a natural history museum, that served not only as collections to reflect the particular curiosities of their curators but as social devices to establish and uphold rank in society. Something to note, is that these rooms weren’t exactly the epitome of organization: they were crowded, packed with objects, and full of overlapping stories. They were the predecessors of the institutions that we today know as museums. Entretemps does not have a linear reading, neither does it want to. Reading this magazine is like looking at a cabinet of curiosities: you jump from one thing to the other constantly. It’s quick, it’s quirky, but it is also work, since we ask you to put together what you find in it.