The sacred within the mundane

EASTERS invites you to revalue the ” obsolete” through a change of heart in a society where the new is convenient and the old undesirable.

A change of heart towards articles and objects that lost their main purpose that through appreciation, reflection and value could keep on track.


” A stage for the unnoticed  ” 

and where to find it  [ website ] 


” Like leftovers, EASTERS wander                 aimlessly through the city…”  

The physical shop of EASTERS is an ambulant pop up with the function of a PICKNDROP service. Containers side is for old stuff and the showroom side is for the new.  


” It’s what’s inside that matters. “

packaging is not just a container but a reminder about giving second chances to your stuff and the value that comes with it.


” Give and take is fair play “


EASTERS move through different layers on the streets; from appreciation of the DIY objects to its own items.


“The swiss army knife. “

There is no lack of creativity but a lack of tools… that’s the reason why the first EASTERS issue comes as a short but sharp multi tool bibliography of references and hacks. There are no excuses for not being  self-aware and take advantage of what you already have.


” Sharing is caring “

on social media EASTERS support artists and designers who share similar values and ideology. Also as a daily life-hacks reference.