The future classic clothing lab


Cariño is an up-cycling space that serves as a common ground for traditional craftsmen and cool kids with the aim of bringing back the most genuine and human side of fashion. It offers consumers a meaningful experience where they can get involved in the process of repairing and customising their own pieces of clothing with the intention of building emotional connections with their garments.

The brand was born out of the desire to recover the local artisan’s heritage and remind customers of the joy in cherishing a special and unique piece. Cariño is influenced by the Spanish culture and the appreciation of the “savoir-faire”.


The visual concept behind Cariño derivers from the combination of “tradition & modernity”, remaining true to the Spanish legacy but from a fresh point of view. We translated this idea into a graphic proposal using typography. The combination of a San Serif font – Akzidenz-Grotesk – with a StitchCross typeface will represent this duality. 

Cross-stitch is a traditional form of embroidery that requires effort, dedication and mucho cariño. This sewing technique connects with fashion and craftsmanship, giving a strong personality and authenticity to the brand’s identity. Let’s see how they behave together.



Cariño has a monthly free newspaper where you will find enriching talks & interviews with fascinating people. This gives Cariño a space to show what the brand stands for.

*                                                     OUTSIDE CARIÑO


As Cariño is a brand that builds community and exchanges knowledge, we decided to create a printed platform to introduce interesting brands, designers and artisans that are aligned with our values and our philosophy.



Come to discover our cosy lab. Inside Cariño you will find an open and adaptable space designed to suit the occasion. Here is where all the workshops, master talks & fixing services will take place. There’s also a resting area with a big projection of the line up that shows the upcoming events.

In cariño we recycle fabrics, buttons, zips, pockets, and anything people could use to personalise their own apparel. So, we created small packagings that can be filled with all this stuff. Taking advantage of the StitchCross, we designed a modular system that allowed us to play around and create different compositions.

*                               INSIDE CARIÑO            .


Discover Cariño’s web site & check out the different areas. ‘The Lab’ serves as a peephole and offers a sneak peek of all the ‘salseito’ inside Cariño; ‘The Line Up’ shows the upcoming events & ‘The Meeting Point’ gathers all the contact information you will need to reach Cariño & finally meet!

*                                                    DIGITAL PLATFORMS


Check out “New era”, Cariño’s 2021 promotional video.

*                                                              PROMOTIONAL VIDEO


*Everything was made with mucho cariño*