An International Network of Self-Run Cultural Spaces

Art and culture are an essential part of the human experience, we believe they must be made accessible and available to everyone to be effectively preserved and grown.

With populations increasing, space has become a limited resource. We must now look to alternative models and new approaches to the multi-purpose use of space.


We have developed a branded open source tool-kit for creating sustainable multi-purpose cultural spaces. The tool-kit will give you the knowledge, guidance and resources to create your own space but with the power of our brand behind you.

We needed a way to express the feasability of our brand and communicate the multi-purpose nature in which we approach space. We arrived at the idea of a Flag-Ship container, a container that travels from one arca-dia space to another, used both as a means of transporting artwork and materials for traveling exhibitions and also as a pop up arca-dia space where we could hold talks and events and raise awareness of our brand.


The Flag-Ship container is the smallest representation of what an arca-dia space could be. Within that we created the shipping boxes used to house the materials, they come in 3 different sizes and are able to be re-used for different purposes for the duration of the flag-ship containers stay in a city.

When approaching branding our spaces we wished to allow people the freedom to make it their own. As part of our open source toolkit we provide a stencilised version of our typeface, and removable spray paint to allow people communicate the changing programms of their spaces without having to constantly re-print signage or wayfindings, being true to our goal of making all of our choices as sustainable as possible.

We needed the environmental branding to be able to keep up with the multi-purpose nature of our spaces and therefore providing this re-usable tool kit was the only solution. This means that anyone who runs an arca-dia space can apply the branding according to the needs of their space. That could be signage for an exhibition, or wayfinding withing the sapce.

As another key touchpoint for arca-dia lovers, or new members we needed to communicate the different strands of our brand. First communicating that we are a network of cultural centres, and also that our activites focus on the areas of music, visual art, and sustainability. We wanted to create a dual experience of our website, allowing people to explore by city and filtering by their desired pillar, or vice versa. This way we can create a holistic view of everything that arca-dia does.

We wanted to create something that could reach further into the cultural sphere. Something that could go even wider than our network of centres. We arrived at the idea of a cultural magazine, a documentation of the broader landscape of art and culture. Each magazine would be curated by a different arca-dia space, and focus on one main topic for each issue. our first issue is dedicated to the concept of ‘time’ and that is explored trhough the perspective of artists and creatives in interviews, essays, articles. Through our collaboration with Posca we are able to provide each magazine with a marker pen to allow readers take notes, doodle, or destroy our magazine, whatever they please.


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